Welcome to Careyn Kraamzorg

Welcome to Careyn Kraamzorg

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This page is a translated summary of the information on our website. If you still have questions after reading this page, do not hesitate to contact our Client Services by telephone 088 123 99 99, reachable from Monday to Friday between 07.30 AM and 4 PM. Or send an e-mail to: info@careynkraamzorg.nl.

Quality maternity care
Pregnancy is a special time to look forward to. Careyn Kraamzorg (Careyn Maternity Care) offers professional care tailored to your wishes. We ensure that you can fully enjoy your pregnancy and postnatal period. Our maternity assistants are enthusiastic, motivated and well-informed specialists. They do their very best to take your wishes into account and accommodate your family’s culture.

Trusted name
Careyn Kraamzorg is a trusted name providing over 8,000 maternity visits each year throughout most of South Holland, Utrecht and North Brabant. Our quality of care is shown by our ISO certification for health care  and the WHO/UNICEF certificate for breastfeeding care.

Maternity care

Experience the care for a new life
Maternity care is not the same everywhere. Careyn Kraamzorg defines maternity care to include care provided during pregnancy in the form of workshops on breastfeeding, information about the essential items for the nursery and the layette. It also involves the care given at the time of the birth of your baby by assisting the midwife during the delivery. This could be at your home, in hospital or in Careyn’s Origine maternity clinic Breda.

Postnatal care
But most importantly, maternity care is the care given after the birth of a baby, involving the physical and psychological care of mother and child. This care is provided for a maximum of 10 days after childbirth. It includes supportive guidance of the parent(s) and sibling(s) in the new family situation and several courses on that topic. For more information about the maternity assistant’s responsibilities, see the subtopic ‘tasks in maternity care’.


When arranging maternity care, it is important to register well in advance of your due date for Careyn Kraamzorg, preferably before the 20th week of your pregnancy.

You can register on our website, or by calling the Client Services. Everyone who registers with us for maternity care receives a warm welcome gift! Register here!

Careyn Kraamzorg provides maternity care throughout most of South Holland, Brabant and Utrecht. After your registration we will check if your zip code is part of our work area.

Preliminary interview

About the 7th month of your pregnancy one of our care consultants will contact you for a preliminary interview. During the talk you will be given information about maternity care and the tasks of the maternity assistant and your personal family situation will be discussed.

If it is your first child, the interview is usually conducted at your home. For the second and subsequent children, the interview is generally done over the phone. After the preliminary interview you will be sent our care file. In this file the maternity assistant will keep track of relevant (medical) details about you and your child.

National indication protocol
The number of hours of maternity care is set by the national indication protocol. The first needs assessment is done during the preliminary interview. Further assessment moments are immediately after childbirth and during the postnatal period. At these moments the number of hours of maternity care can be adjusted in consultation with the midwife.

Tasks in maternity care

The maternity assistant is there to make your postnatal period run as smoothly as possible. She watches out for the health of mother and child. She works together with the midwife on this. She also assists with getting breastfeeding or bottlefeeding started. She is a good listener when the mother needs to talk about the impact of the birth process and helps with personal hygiene until you can do it yourself. The maternity assistant will fulfill your wishes to the extent of her professional capabilities.

Tasks of the maternity assistant:

  • Assistance with home delivery: preparing the delivery room and nursery and cleaning up after childbirth, supporting the new mother (and partner), assisting the midwife, caring for the new mother and baby after delivery, providing information and instructions.
  • Care and examination of the new mother: e.g. measuring the heart rate, temperature, vaginal discharge, helping with showering /washing.
  • Care and examination of the baby: e.g. measuring the temperature, weight, colour, motor skills, respiration, urine/bowel movements and umbilical cord stump of the baby.
  • Information and instructions: including bottle/breastfeeding, sleep and waking rhythm, crying behaviour and comforting, sleeping safety, preferred position, vitamin D/K, going outside and transport.
  • Observation: observing the baby, the mother and the family, noting, if there are problems with the mother or baby and communicating them to the family doctor or midwife, reporting this in the care file.
  • Taking care of hygiene: cleaning the bathroom and toilet(s) every day, frequently changing the sheets on the mother’s bed and the baby’s cot, keeping utensils clean like breast pump, bottles and pacifiers.
  • Household tasks: cleaning the delivery room and the mother’s bedroom, taking care of the laundry, making lunch.


Our maternity assistants will do everything in their power to make breastfeeding a success. Careyn Kraamzorg has been awarded the WHO/UNICEF certificate for breastfeeding care for many years. If despite the guidance of our maternity assistants the breastfeeding is not successful or not plentiful, you can ask for a visit from one of our our lactation experts by calling (088) 123 99 99 or  sending an email to lactatiekundigen@careynkraamzorg.nl. These specialists in the field of breastfeeding help and advise in special situations. This can be preventive or for solving problems with the breastfeeding. There are costs involved when making an appointment with a lactation expert. Some health care insurers reimburse these costs.


Careyn Kraamzorg organizes several pregnancy courses, for example workshops on breastfeeding. We also offer practical workshops with exercises that help you prepare for labor. Call our Client Services to ask about all possibilities.


We have prepared a clear checklist, so that you know exactly what you need for the delivery and the postnatal period. You can print out this list from the website or request a copy from the Client Services.

We work together with Medipoint, where you can rent breast pumps and buy other breastfeeding items. Find out which Medipoint store is nearby here.


Maternity care and childbirth assistance are covered in the basic care package for which everyone in the Netherlands is mandatorily insured through the basic health care insurance. For maternity care, a personal contribution is charged, which some health care insurers reimburse in the supplementary insurance packages. Information about reimbursements can be requested from your own health care insurer, or you can contact Client Services.

Chosen a different organisation?

Did you register with a different maternity care organisation and will you receive their maternity care? Then we will charge you the register fare (€44,24 dd 2018).